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If the breathing is stop then the life stops. If the breathing is obstructed for any reason then the life will become compromised. Asthma , hay fever and other pollutants (like cigarette smoking are only some of the well recognised obstructions of the normal lung functioning.

Easy breathing is satisfying sign of the normal lung functioning.

Asthma attack is well documented through the history well back over 3000 years as well the numerous remedies which were applied with more or less success to counterattack this disturbing and many instances life threatening disease. The ancient Egyptians used enemas and camel and crocodile dung to treat their patients. The ancient Greeks and Romans also recognized the disease and it was the blind poet Homer who first coined the term ‘asthma’ which, as we know, is the Greek word for panting Little progress was made in the treatment or knowledge of asthma until the twelfth century, when Moses Maimonides wrote a really excellent work on asthma in relation to the asthmatic son of the Sultan Saladin. His treatment advice was to avoid emotional turmoil, sexual activity, and he recommended chicken soup as a recipe.

One of the more successful natural remedy of the modern time is inhaling the dry salted air .( frequently referred as Halo Therapy). There are salt mines ( link to Video saltmines in Europe ) in Eastern Europe which can be visited for that treatment . It is obviously has a limitation apart from the cost .
An other way to visit one of the simulated salt mines (known as salt rooms ) which are spread across Australia. While the saltroom (one example) provides other benefits as well (ref: skin disorders , relaxation …) apart from de-toxing the respiratory tracts one still need allocate a time to visit one of the local saltrooms.

The invention of the Saltpipe was the natural evolution of this process and to satisfy the needs to able to have the benefit of inhaling the salted air “on the road” . The saltpipe is frequently referred as the portable salt cave however it is not replace the saltroom treatment but more as complementing it.


The saltpipe is not to be used to stop an asthma attack (you must use other prescribed medication) . Using the saltpipe regurarly will reduce the frequency of an asthma attack.

Genuine Hungarian saltpipe versus other saltpipes

The concept of the Saltpipe originated (patented ) from Hungary as the natural evolution of various way of experiencing the healing benefits of Inhaling salt.

There are two main attributes that made this product the leader of its field

1. The unparalleled composition of the salt which is used. While all salt has salty taste and and disinfecting effect there are other differences which separate them from one to the other. It was observed through the history that the rock salt which is mined in Europe ( age 20 millions +years ) has a special effect on people with respiratory difficulties. It has been later investigated by the medical science and validated that the special combination of the mineral components locked in the salt molecules which cause the beneficial healing effects .It has also been tested that not all parts of the mine has the same quality of the salt either . The Genuine Hungarian Saltpipe only use the best quality salt to inhale.

2. The construction of the pipe . The invention was focused on the pipe how to deliver the salted air on the move ( in the pocket ) imitating the effect of the salt-cave ( salt-room ) without compromising on the healing quality . The result was the saltpipe . It has a unique one way valve system , bottom and inside ( top ) which does not let the humidity penetrate to the pipe ( and destroy the salt ) but in the same time allow the vaporised salted air come through by the force of inhaling . This valve system also brake the salted air(molecules ) in such a size which is most beneficial to the healing , detoxing process. The construction of the saltpipe is such that does not allow temper, refill, change the salt from external sources ( and by that compromise with the quality ) The construction , size of the saltpipe also such that do not have to worry that the salt will fall out etc . so it can fit nicely into the bag of a woman , child , or anywhere .

It was originally created from ceramic . But under the pressure of the user the saltpipe2 version was invented (more compact, easier to carry , cheaper also ) .

The case made from bioplastic which means that on the rubbish dump it will disintegrate after a while.

The saltpipe2 (made from hardened bioplastic) has been developed after an existing market survey and carefully listening the customer requests. Today we are selling 90% versus %10 the saltpipe2 It is more compact , lighter , easy to carry ( attractive for the female customers ) , safe for children , and more affordable .

Key selling points

The Saltpipe is a simple and natural way to make a real difference to your health. It uses the benefit of from ancient salt-cave therapies to maintain an optimum respiratory function and to help you to breathe easier, alleviate sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and leaves you feeling revitalized. Saltpipe is the modern way to experience the salt therapy in your own home or on the road. The original patented saltpipe from Hungary

Unique features:

  • The compact size allows a wider application ( children , can easily hide in the women’s bag , pockets , in the car )
  • Use unbreakable bioplastic case which eliminate accidental breakage , and injury caused by the heavy ceramic pipes.
  • Attractive ergonomically designed form gives easy grip and pleasant feeling at the time of the application.
  • Cannot be refilled. Cannot be tempered with inferior quality of salt )
  • The unique design of the clustered of one way valve systems (bottom and inside of the pipe) which allow the salted air come out only when is inhaled. Also it minimise the external humidity of entering into the cavity of the pipe and interfering with the salt.

Saltpipe1 (ceramic case) is also available from us.

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