Inhaling dry salted air

One of the more successful natural remedy of the modern time - frequently referred as Halo Therapy

Invention of the Saltpipe

Satisfying the needs to able to have the benefit of inhaling the salted air “on the road”

Genuine Hungarian saltpipe

The concept of the Saltpipe originated from Hungary as the natural evolution of various way of experiencing the healing benefits of Inhaling salt


Saltpipe2 has been developed after an existing market survey and carefully listening the customer requests

Who we are

Medusoft Pty Ltd

The exclusive importer of the genuine Hungarian Saltpipe the natural way to give the respiratory system a boost or detox the lung.

Saltpipe unique features

  • The compact size allows a wider application
  • Use unbreakable bioplastic case which eliminate accidental breakage
  • Attractive ergonomically designed form
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Two main attributes

that made this product the leader of its field

  • The unparalleled composition of the salt which is used

    The Genuine Hungarian Saltpipe only use the best quality salt to inhale.
  • The construction of the pipe

    Saltpipe2 is more compact, easier to carry and cheaper.